Alex Luprete


2006-2009: Intern, pitch finalist and second rounder at the Austin Film Festival. Associate producer (and occasion actor) of the gritty, independent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle featurette, CASEY JONES.

* featured in: MTV Geek News, The Examiner, The Austin Chronicle, Filmschoolrejects, I09 and The Awesomer.

2009-2011: Perpetual intern across all fields of entertainment. From development to production; I even worked in a Hollywood PR firm. I starved. It sucked.

2012-2013: Accepted into UCLA's Professional Program in Screenwriting. There I directed the sci-fi short film ENTANGLEMENT starring Nick Gomez (Dexter, Walking Dead, Looper, The Iceman), which is based on a feature-length screenplay I wrote in the program.

*ENTANGLEMENT is awaiting an early 2015 release.

Currently: Seeking literary representation. Awaiting the end of post-production. Looking to make the leap into commerical production. Busy.